Sunday, November 4, 2012

Albert's Weekly Update 3 November 2012

Albert's Favorite exhibit at Cabela's -
 the Bear!
Well, next month the Semester is already over! Although another six weeks to go. It's amazing how fast things go.

Two illustration/Quotes that struck me this week:

One came from a Sermon last Sunday.

"The Church is not a pleasure cruise ship, where some people get to lounge around in the sun. Instead it is a Battleship at war, where everyone has a job to do."

The second from one of my classes.

"Pastors shouldn't only hide away in their office. They need to be involved in the Community in some way, otherwise how can they expect members of their congregations to be involved."

This week I have had a Greek mid-term, as well as a vocabulary test for Hebrew. The Hebrew went very well, and I will have to wait and see with my Greek test.

I have also had my first mid-term exam back, for Theological Foundations. I was very thankful to have had a good result.

Today (Saturday) I am completing some Greek homework, as well as finishing off a couple of Assignments, the one on Textual Criticism, as well as a Sermon outline. Also a couple of Sermons to read in preparation for class on Monday.

Schooling is going well, and the girls seem to be getting into a good routine.

We are well, and all of us are working hard.

There is a potential forecast of Snow this week. The newspaper is claiming that there will 'virtually definitely' be snow in November. We shall see. The girls are very excited about the thought! I'm not sure that they realize how cold it is going to be.

We are also looking forward to our first American Thanksgiving. More about that to come…

Have a blessed week,


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