Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Albert's Update 13/11/2012

(Editors note - here are some photos as I have so many photo posts still to come, it might be a couple of week before you would see photo's of today's outing!)

Even Heit and Mama made it to the top, notice our 'costumes'
Albert and the girls!
Our first snow flakes, it didn't last long :(
New lounge decorations! Thanks heaps! Can you spot Murray?
Temperature Report. It's a Tuesday evening as I type this, at 7:30 pm. The temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Which makes it -1 in Celsius. It's supposed to get down to 27 degrees tonight (-3). It's a real blessing to be nice and warm inside. We are blessed with a nice warm house!

It has been another full on week. Last week Friday I had a Hebrew Test, a Greek test on Monday, followed by a Mid Term exam today for New Testament Introduction. I also had a Sermon outline due yesterday, but I managed to get that completed earlier last week, and handed it in then. Friday is a vocab test for Hebrew, which not should be too bad. I have had a few exams and tests back lately, and the Lord has been gracious with some good remarks, even in areas that I have been struggling.

We had a lovely family afternoon, out to the playground with the kids, and I even managed a game of tag with the girls. Not bad for an old man! I'm sure Hanneke has a few photos that will surface at some time. It was nice to have an afternoon off after all the study.

We were also blessed from with some goodies from home from the family with the return of the MARS NZ Party. Thank you to the grandparents for the supplies! I have also heard that the MARS party enjoyed their time in NZ, and spoke highly of the welcome they received.

The exam this morning was interesting. As I have said it was for New Testament Introduction. This topic looks at the background around the New Testament. What was the language spoken at that time?  (Greek!) What were the Social/ Cultural factors at play, what were the various religions that were at that time etc. Including in this is the idea of Canon, as well as Textual Criticism today.

One of the questions in my exam today went along the lines of this (In paraphrase): "A well-loved and respected old minister in your Presbytery approaches you and asks: "You do agree that the Textus Receptus is the text that the Church is received don't you, or have you gone the sinful way of those modern text critics?" Outline your answer to him, and clearly state what you believe. I won't bore you with my essay, but it was a great question to answer.

For those interested here are two links of some recent assignments that I have handed in.

A Textual Criticism Assignment:

A Sermon Outline:

I have a full Sermon due at the end of this month, but also a large Apologetics paper. So my aim is to complete my Sermon this week. I will be looking at Philippians 2:1-4.

Well, that's it from me for this week. Please continue to keep us in our prayers, we certainly keep you all in ours. Pray that in the business of life we may remember all those things that are important, and that we will continue to do all to the best of our ability. Give thanks also, for the continued blessings that we are receiving.

Have a wonderful week,



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