Friday, November 23, 2012

Homeschooling update and pics

Here is some proof that we do indeed provide some schooling to our lovely girls! :).

In the first photo you can see my master folder with all the schedules for the week in it. It even has questions to ask the girls about what they are reading (and the answers of course!). Kate is learning about early world history and Michaela and Grace are learning about early American history. Early American history is very fascinating and they are reading a lot of real life story books relating to the early history including the story of Thanksgiving! 

The curriculum is quite full on with lots and lots and lots of books to read which is just perfect for our readaholics! If your kids don't like reading this curriculum is not for you. I try to school Mon-Wed in which I also do enough for Thursday as we go to a co-op homeschool meeting on Thursday and then Friday is an easy day. I'm enjoying the flexible schedule but it is also a curse as I rarely start 'on time' (what ever that means ;) ). We get all our work done each week as per schedule and so no complaints from me. 

Homeschooling suits our season in life at the moment but I have still a soft spot in particular for Faith Academy School. Our co-op (thanks to Jenny Waldron's friend who made the suggestion that I join one!) has been VERY helpful. I don't contribute much as far as teaching goes (The mothers there are so much more talented than I!) but help out when necessary and do some babysitting. We're very blessed as a family by those Reformed ladies!

I do struggle having them with me 24hrs a day and so I'm very grateful for the lovely playground out the back where the girls can go and play. I'm grateful for the basement also for the same reason. I'm also grateful for the swimming that I'm able to do in a state of the art facility about 10 minutes from my home for a reasonable cost. 

Zara, Grace and Kate
Playing with the shapes blocks, never thought of this
but it came with the homeschooling package.
I'm VERY impressed by it my girls love it!
Audience, they are eager for the next biblestory! 
mmm I wonder what letter Zara is learning about?

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