Thursday, November 15, 2012

Autumn Festival

(I've got quite a few photo posts to come, sorry to those on dial up or those people who aren't family. I'm going to try and post one every couple of days, so that I can 'catch' up on the photo posts)

Our upstairs neighbors  James (who is a student at MARS as well) and Jeni invited the girls for a Autumn Festival. We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors  I feel sorry for James and Jeni sometimes as our girls 'bombard' them regularly with all sorts of questions and small talk!  Thanks so much James and Jeni, the girls had an AWESOME time and we are soo privileged to have you as neighbors!

pumpkins ready and waiting
Having apple cider and candy corn
Pumpkin carving was on the 'menu' and so here are some of the tools used.
(see the lollies in the back, those are candy corn)
Jeni and the girls
James getting the pumpkins ready for carving!
Jeni even made all of us dinner!
Grace and Kate with their carved pumkin
Michaela and Zara with their pumpkin
James and Jeni and girls on the front porch

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