Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicago CBD - Part One

A couple of Mondays ago, on Albert's last day of freedom, we took the train to Chicago! We chose to take the train as supposed to driving into town as it is VERY busy on the roads and also the parking is VERY VERY expensive (about $35US a day). The train ride (just for comparison) costs us about $25US, so a bit cheaper. I'm not sure about the time you would save if you drove, the train took us about 40minutes. The train is a 'double decker' train which was the first time the girls have been on one of these trains. 

We had an absolutely AWESOME time, the weather was very sunny and so very hot. We took from home, waterbottles filled with icecubes and it didn't take long before it was all melted. 

We did what every tourist does when they get to Chicago, no doubt, and visited Millennium park, complete with an outdoor concert venue, the BEAN, an awesome fountain/art and a very nice walkway over the freeway. We also saw the lake for the first time, another fountain (pretty spectacular), saw the Vice President's motorcade, fed some squirrels and had an icecream. (Very grateful to go inside and eat something cold, when it is so HOT.)

We did a lot of walking that day and finally took the train back home. Albert directed us on the wrong train home (it was peak hour and so it was an express instead of stopping at every stop). The very nice conductor sympathised with us and told us to ride to the end of the line and then hop on the next train going back to our stop. At bedtime I asked the girls what they liked best of the day, and the majority said 'missing our stop, and having to have an extra train ride!!'. It's the small things isn't! 

Here is our day in photo's with more tomorrow :). 

Zara showing Murray the trains
Greek Revision while we wait

'Double Decker' Train
Kate and ....
Proof that I came too ;)
Murray and ?
Eating our lunch
Kiwi's get hungry
The Bean
Albert and girls
Me and Girls
Inside the Bean
Can you see me?
No wonder my backpack was heavy!
Been there!
Crown Fountain

Splashing Kate

Isn't that impressive, the face changes
Grace, not trying to get wet
The Crown Fountain was a blessing on this VERY hot day. I even enjoyed going barefoot to cool off. 

More tomorrow....

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