Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mid America Reformed Seminary Promotion - Part Two

Here is the last installment of the Seminary Promotion! See details here

Albert and Pastor Joel Dykstra
Albert at the pulpit of Wellandport URC
Albert leading a Bible study

Talking socially but love the 'hands'!
Fort George obviously

In Jail
Up the CN Tower in Toronto
Same here
Look what we found in Toronto, advertising for NZ wine!
Albert meeting with his supervising Pastor.
(Notice the posing of both of them!)
Albert leading bible and prayer at VBS each morning
Albert with the Generals of the American Army
at the Battle of Chippawa!
(How is this Grant?)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kate and Zara

Michaela and Grace had the opportunity to go camping with their friends for a couple of nights. So Kate and Zara were the only kids at home. I asked them what special thing they would like to do and both replied without hesitation: "The Carousel"! So after we dropped Izaak back off at the airport, we drove to Port Delhousie to go on the 5c Carousel! I splurged and let the girls go on about five times ;)! The Carousel is on the lake front by Lake Ontario and so the girls went for a swim also. I put my toes into the lake and decided that playing in the water for me could wait, it was COLD! The girls didn't mind and had a great time splashing and playing in the sand. While I was on life saving duties, Albert texted me and told me/ordered me to treat the girls to an ice cream. Like a good wife I obeyed and told the girls. I gave the girls an option to have an ice cream on the 'beach' but both said that they would prefer to go to Costco and have an ice cream there! Since Costco is closeish we went there and had our treat! What a fun day!

Zara and Kate in the lake
Playing in the sand
Enjoying their ice cream!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Having fun with Izaak!

We played the tourist again when Izaak came and showed him some of our favorite sites! We went one night to the Falls to see Clifton Hill and the lights at the Falls. The lights were very spectacular! Izaak did a better job of the photos than I did so a lot of the night ones are from him! 

Izaak and the girls with Albert in the background
Family shot
Izaak experimenting with the camera.
American Falls at night!
Lightbeams, pretty cool huh?
We also went again to the Lock 3. The girls all wanted to pose with this man (sorry can't remember the significance :( ). Also while we were waiting for a ship to enter the 'lock', the girls sang some of the VBS songs that they learned at Church. ("Father Abraham!')

Father Abraham song
(Grace and Kate)
Zara and Michaela doing the actions!

Friday, August 15, 2014

More Random in July

Here are some more random photo's! Enjoy!

Izaak took this one!
Grace caught a fish in a pond on someone's farm!
Playing school at church!
Playing school!
Grace got picked to come up the front at the evening VBS
And Zara got picked TWICE!
Ribs for the birthday boy!
Izaak and the girls watching Home Alone
(not sure who enjoyed the movie more :)
Albert and a K9 friend!
(Here is the proof Sharlene!)
Pleeaase play with me.....
Home Alone 2
Treats while watching the movie
The girls finally managed to convince Izaak to watch Frozen! 
Someone bought over 'worms in mud' dessert!
(tasted VERY good!)
Life is tough, when you have to 'eat' up all what is in the pantry!
Pet snake?
(no thanks!)
It wasn't happy to see me with the camera!
Made two Pavlovas for the bible study that Albert led over summer!
(YES I did pay for real Ontario strawberries!!)
Eating leftovers for breakfast, man life is hard!
It's got fruit and real cream, healthy surely?