Saturday, August 16, 2014

Having fun with Izaak!

We played the tourist again when Izaak came and showed him some of our favorite sites! We went one night to the Falls to see Clifton Hill and the lights at the Falls. The lights were very spectacular! Izaak did a better job of the photos than I did so a lot of the night ones are from him! 

Izaak and the girls with Albert in the background
Family shot
Izaak experimenting with the camera.
American Falls at night!
Lightbeams, pretty cool huh?
We also went again to the Lock 3. The girls all wanted to pose with this man (sorry can't remember the significance :( ). Also while we were waiting for a ship to enter the 'lock', the girls sang some of the VBS songs that they learned at Church. ("Father Abraham!')

Father Abraham song
(Grace and Kate)
Zara and Michaela doing the actions!

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