Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ninth Day Off - 19th of July Part Two

After our 'hike' we showered and got ready for our first ever experience of watching a movie at a drive in! It's something you hear about in movies but we have never done! One of the families organised for us to be able to attend this. You had to be a member of the Canadian AA in order to get the discounted price. We used someone else's card which was very nice. It wasn't until we turned up at the gate that we realized that we have an IL plate not an Ontario one! Thankfully this wasn't an issue but it is something that we don't worry about in NZ as everybody has the same license plate! We watched the lastest 'Planes' movie and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience (despite the rain!). The only 'thing' we hadn't thought off, is that you can't start the movie until the sun goes down! This meant that the movie didn't start until after 9pm which meant that we left very late and to get up early the next morning (Sunday) wasn't that easy! 

Kate and Zara waiting for the sun to go down!
Thanks Izaak for 'shouting' us popcorn and drinks!
Movie 'planes fire and rescue'
Michaela and Grace with their friends
How cool is that?
All set up ready to watch!

Izaak, Kate and Zara

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