Friday, August 15, 2014

More Random in July

Here are some more random photo's! Enjoy!

Izaak took this one!
Grace caught a fish in a pond on someone's farm!
Playing school at church!
Playing school!
Grace got picked to come up the front at the evening VBS
And Zara got picked TWICE!
Ribs for the birthday boy!
Izaak and the girls watching Home Alone
(not sure who enjoyed the movie more :)
Albert and a K9 friend!
(Here is the proof Sharlene!)
Pleeaase play with me.....
Home Alone 2
Treats while watching the movie
The girls finally managed to convince Izaak to watch Frozen! 
Someone bought over 'worms in mud' dessert!
(tasted VERY good!)
Life is tough, when you have to 'eat' up all what is in the pantry!
Pet snake?
(no thanks!)
It wasn't happy to see me with the camera!
Made two Pavlovas for the bible study that Albert led over summer!
(YES I did pay for real Ontario strawberries!!)
Eating leftovers for breakfast, man life is hard!
It's got fruit and real cream, healthy surely?

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