Saturday, July 20, 2013

NY Trip Two - Enterprise & Submarine

As part of the Intrepid they also had the Enterprise on the flight deck. Like all money making schemes you had to pay extra for this. We did! For those of you who know Albert, he LOVES space and all related things, so it was not a matter of if we will go but a matter of when! We were slightly disappointed that we didn't get to go into the shuttle itself but to see the shuttle and it's story made it all worth while. I for one didn't realize that the Enterprise never went into space and was only a prototype. It was a first of it's kind. 

Through the tunnel to enter to the exhibit there
are sayings from real launching!
On the viewing platform

More History, those are the different shuttles

Growler Submarine
After visiting the U-505 in Chicago I was surprised to see how big this submarine was inside. This was the only exhibit that there was a queue for as of course you can only have a few people inside the submarine at one time. The waiting was fine however and gave the little girls a chance to rest their feet!

Officer's quarters
Periscope, they had two onboard
Even the crew quarters seemed pretty good
Imagine having to remember all those dials?
Torpedo - what is it with bunking next to a torpedo?
View of deck

Friday, July 19, 2013

NY Trip Two - Central Park and Misc

Here are some misc photos plus some from Central Park. 

Concorde - we didn't purchase extra tickets to get in. 
Having 'snacks' under the Concorde sheltering from the rain.
Piece of steel from the World Trade Centre
The girls pointed out to me that there is a hydro slide
 on the cruise ship in the next pier,
 they thought that was quite impressive!
Central Park
We only managed to spend a little bit of time in it as we were running out of time and energy. Kate has been reading about Balto who saved Nome and so we made a point of seeing that. We will probably won't come back to Central Park, we simply can't do it all! 

We're far too Dutch to go on one of those!

Waiting while I took photo's! 

A slice of NY pizza for dinner!
Thanks Izaak who 'cooked'!
We needed the 'refueling'
A glimpse of Central Park's beauty
We've seen it now, does this count?
Had to show Izaak the m'm store!
(To take a photo with the m'm was free! hahaha)
Phew that ended our day trip to NY city that day. A very long day with lots of walking which Franci warned us about but so very worth it. Hopefully next week we will be able to go and see the 9/11 memorial and take the (free) ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Also on the plan is still to see the Brooklyn bridge but we might have to take the car in. To get into the city is not cheap whatever means you take but while we are here, we've got to take the opportunity to see some of the famous landmarks of the biggest city of America!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

NY Trip Two - Intrepid

Last Friday we went and saw the Intrepid in NY. This was our big splurge for the summer as entry was not cheap. Thanks to people giving donations at Christmas, my Oma, Izaak and various other people we were able to go and see this. This was a family decision as we consulted the girls on how to spend the money as we could only spend it once :). We came to a consensus that most of the things we had done so far tied in with the homeschooling of the older girls and so it was 'time' to do something that Albert liked! We didn't regret it and had a ball, Albert especially was in his element! Here are a selection of photo's, I took many more but can't upload them all on the blog :). I will have a part two to show you the Enterprise and the submarine and maybe a part three also to show Central Park. It was a busy day. We left home at 7am and didn't return until about 9pm, we walked a lot that day! Thankfully though, the weather was pretty mild and it even rained which was a welcome relieve from the heat. 

I thought the Intrepid was pretty big but the tour guides told us that this ship is pretty small compared to the current aircraft carriers! WOW!!

The Intrepid
Albert's favorite plane!

I thought this plane was pretty clever for it's time,
photo following explains a bit more about it.

On the bridge
Looking down to the flight deck

Notice the tiger?
and far left the building for the Enterprise
We're standing on the refurbished airplane lift
A big gun!

Smallish gun (Kate)
Hangar - pretty impressive space
Replica of a Mercury Spacecraft
Can I have one of THOSE kitchen aids in my kitchen?
Ready Room

Still smiling after a long/tiring day!