Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another hunting shop

As the weather wasn't very good when Izaak was here we resorted to some indoor fun. We visited two hunting/outdoor shops that both had an amazing display of taxidermy animals! Above all it is free to visit!

Izaak and some of the girls
A photo op with bear!
Boys and guns, irresistible :)
Isn't this cool?
They had one for the men as well
This one is for Tjeerd! 
Pretty impressive entry into the store
OK, girls I'll take another photo
There was even a waterfall inside the store
More (FREE) shooting!
Can you spot what's at the top of the tree?
I would like (a fake one) on the top of
 my Christmas tree next year!
Mama this one is for you!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainy Chicago Dec 2012

Izaak flew in on a Friday afternoon and the next day, Saturday we took the train into Chicago! (We went on a Saturday as the kids travel free!) Flo our good friend joined us as well for a rainy day in the CBD. Despite the rain, everyone had a good time and most of the girls even came home with some extra stuffed toys! 

Zara, Murray and his friend!
Flo and the girls upstairs in the train
The Christmas Tree in Macy's.
 The tree is TWO stories high! Quite a sight
Inside Macy's (a BIG department store)
Beautiful mosaic ceiling
I'm seriously drooling here, such a shame
that the voltage is different back home :(
Got to have a photo with the bean despite the cold and rain
YES it was cold and rainy!
The American Girl Store, NO Mama we are
 NOT taking you there as that could be dangerous!
Lego Store
Albert - Dreams are FREE
Chicago Skyline in lego

The Disney Store

Well that just about needs a post in it's self! My Oma (thank you) had given Izaak some money for the girls to buy something with. After making a visit to the Disney Store once, the adults decided to 'treat' the girls with a soft toy if they so wished with the 'Oma' money. So we made a second visit on the way back. Zara was hilarious and had the adults in stitches as she went straight to the soft toy wall and picked out the horse "Angus" from the movie "Brave". (I had no idea what that movie was about, never heard of it). Despite using our (and Flo's) persuasive powers, she could not be convinced to chose a cute Piglet or cuddly Tigger or even a Minnie or mickey mouse, no it was THE Horse! On the way back on the train, she told Izaak very slowly as if he didn't understand what she was about to say: "Izaak, His name is Moon (pause to make sure he got it), Light (pause) Star!". When she went to bed that night, I asked her where MoonLightStar was? and she told me that he is in his stable as that is where horses sleep! So the next night I tried to convince her that THIS horse doesn't like sleeping in a stall it likes to sleep on her pillow covered by blankets. She refused! So once she was asleep, I placed MoonLightStar on her pillow underneath the blankets and took a photo to show her in the morning! 
Kate chose Pluto and Grace chose Eeyore! Michaela chose not to buy one and buy craft stuff with her money instead.

Choosing a soft toy
It's hard to make a selection when there
are so many to chose from
Rainy Skyline
Dinner at Subway
 (At $2 a sub (special for the holidays) you can't go wrong!)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out for Dinner

Update: I've got about 10 posts in my draft folder with all the things we got up to over the holidays! I hope that I won't bore you, if I do ignore these posts :). Here is the start of the posts of our holiday between semesters. My cousin Izaak came and visited from Holland during that time. We had a ball (I hope you did too Izaak!), eat lots of food, slept a lot and explored some of the (cold) sights! 

One of the things we did was go out for dinner (Thanks Izaak!). Izaak was introduced to BBQ Pork  Ribs! He liked it so much that we had again at Christmas and he even took some BBQ sauce home!

Full rack of ribs
Girls with their meals - medium rare steak bites!
Lovely couple
Proof of all the ribs!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Skating

This afternoon we went ice skating on the seminary pond! Thanks to the Stolte's leaving their skates behind we were all able to skate on the pond! For all the girls it was the first time they had ever skated and they did very well. Here are some pictures :)

I hadn't skated on ice since I was about 14!
Grace in the blue
Michaela in the black, Kate in the blue and pink,
Grace with the chair.
Zara was there too but no picture :(
Our first real snow fall!

Here is a short video clip of Albert playing ice hockey and scoring a goal!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hellenic Museum Nov 2012

The girls and I went on a field trip late November to a Greek Museum. It was the first time that I had driven to Chicago CBD which was an experience in itself. We made it though and enjoyed being with other mums and kids. The museum itself was a bit disappointing in my opinion but the girls enjoyed the hands on craft and the older girls enjoyed the fact finding mission. Afterwards we ate our packed lunch outside in the cold and then the girls enjoyed playing in the playground with the other kids! A great day out!

Grace and Michaela making a Greek pull toy
Being told the marathon story
Zara and Kate making Greek Shields
Having lunch despite the cold
Grace and Kate
Can you spot Zara?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Part Two

Here is the rest of our weekend in pics :).

Watson (the dog) guarding the girls and Cademan
Coloring in the house 
(Aaron's sister bought the kids a playhouse that 
had to be colored in, pretty cool!)
First snowfall for us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Inside the house watching netflix
Finished house
Audra & Aaron and us for dinner
(I won a $25 Amex voucher which paid for our dinner!)
Merry-go-around in the shopping mall
Kate on the horse
Who else came?
Girls were too old for the playground and
 had to watch, a hard life ;)
First USA dirt road that we've come across
On the 'farm'
Hopefully enjoying it as it as freezing!
Enjoyed playing with her but
Miss you Pesto :(