Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out for Dinner

Update: I've got about 10 posts in my draft folder with all the things we got up to over the holidays! I hope that I won't bore you, if I do ignore these posts :). Here is the start of the posts of our holiday between semesters. My cousin Izaak came and visited from Holland during that time. We had a ball (I hope you did too Izaak!), eat lots of food, slept a lot and explored some of the (cold) sights! 

One of the things we did was go out for dinner (Thanks Izaak!). Izaak was introduced to BBQ Pork  Ribs! He liked it so much that we had again at Christmas and he even took some BBQ sauce home!

Full rack of ribs
Girls with their meals - medium rare steak bites!
Lovely couple
Proof of all the ribs!

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