Monday, January 14, 2013

First Thanksgiving! Part One

We spent Thanksgiving with a seminary student's family (Aaron) in Grand Rapids, Michigan! It was our first time in Michigan and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I came down with a cold, running nose and lots of coughing :(. We enjoyed the break and we were VERY spoiled especially by the Warner's Senior, who hosted us and fed us with lots of yummy treats! Aaron organised our time there for us and we visited several other families, went out for dinner while his parents babysat our girls whom they only just met and managed to meet most of his family. During this family time it made me feel 'sorry' for the girls that they are missing out on seeing their grandparents as well as their uncle, aunties and most importantly their cousins! We were privileged to be included into their family!

I also got my dog fix and enjoyed playing with Watson and Ruger who is just adorable!

THE Turkey
Our Feast
Zara waiting patiently
Grace, Michaela and Kate
WOW! It tasted delicious
Enjoying the meal at one of the many tables
Albert enjoying his!

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