Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Part Two

Here is the rest of our weekend in pics :).

Watson (the dog) guarding the girls and Cademan
Coloring in the house 
(Aaron's sister bought the kids a playhouse that 
had to be colored in, pretty cool!)
First snowfall for us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Inside the house watching netflix
Finished house
Audra & Aaron and us for dinner
(I won a $25 Amex voucher which paid for our dinner!)
Merry-go-around in the shopping mall
Kate on the horse
Who else came?
Girls were too old for the playground and
 had to watch, a hard life ;)
First USA dirt road that we've come across
On the 'farm'
Hopefully enjoying it as it as freezing!
Enjoyed playing with her but
Miss you Pesto :(

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