Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hi there family. We have decided to go the way of the Blog. We hope to provide you with some more regular updates and photos as to what is happening in the Couperus household. Rumour has it that there may be some baby photos coming shortly. When he is born we will send you some photos of her. In the meantime here is Kate, she decided the other day that she was going to have a sleep in the kitchen while Hanneke was cooking.
The girls at play a week or two ago.
Michaela and Grace spent a couple of days at Opa and Omas. It was lovely to spend some time with Kate on her own. This is my attempt at getting Kate to stand still and pose for a photo.
Kate at play on her own. Enjoy the photos, lots of love to all, Albert, Hanneke, the ladies in training and ?????
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Wellcome to our House!
The Backyard from the big Birch Tree
The entrance to the vege garden.
The Vege Garden
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More House Photos

The garage as seen from our front door.

From the front. A picket fence should appear in the near future.

Looking into the garage towards the front of the property.
Our front door. The sign is a new edition. Thank you for that Tjeerd.
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Our Backyard

Hi there all, due to popular request we have included some pictures of our work on the outside of the house.

Here is the back lawn, you can see the deck to the left.

This is looking from the vege garden corner back to the house.

This is looking down the house from the Vege garden, the picture being taken from where the old garage used to be. You can see the new gargage if you look hard. You can also see the new dog pen, as Basil kept weeing on the lawn and burning it. The trellis will Lord willing be replaced by a picket fence in the near future.

This is looking down the other side of the house, where we have put the washing line and the firewood store. The trellis is on the side of the deck.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hi All,

Here are some trial photos for you to look at.

Hopefully more to come soon.

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