Monday, April 23, 2012

A Change!

'Showing off' on how beautiful Wanganui is!

This post was been a while coming! I could 'waffle' and 'go around the bush' for a while if you wish ;) or I could come straight to the point! If you know me in real life you know what option I would choose. 

The Beginning. 
Albert's had a desire for a while now (probably before I came on the scene) to become a pastor. This is not to say that he is not happy being a Physio, he is! It is just that something has niggled him over the years. A couple of years ago we attended a conference in Melbourne at the R.T.C as a couple. Murray in one of his lectures challenged the attendees what they where doing with their lives and what more importantly were they doing with their talents God gave them. This gave us lots to think about. We sought advice from family, friends, and our local session as to Albert's suitabilityWhen we got back to NZ Albert talked to his session and they agreed to 'test' him.  This happened over several years, he had to prepare his own sermon, served as an elder, taught catechism, went on home visits and attended plenty of meetings. 

In the middle of last year, PNorth session approved for Albert to study for the ministry. The final step in the process was to get the Wellington Presbytery (ie all the Reformed Churches in the Wellington Region) approval which happened in March of this year. So this means that Albert has had the go-ahead to pursue ministerial studies! 

A lot of questions followed, where to study, where is the money going to come from, what are we going to do with our house, pets, what are we going to do for school for the girls, can he continue in his current job until we go, when is Albert going to learn Greek, how do we fit in renovations into our current life? 

What a change, but a very good change, we're unsure on what lies ahead but we're taking one step/day at a time.

In my next post I'll answer some of these questions :).