Sunday, January 13, 2013

Albert's Update 12/1/13

It's been a pretty warm week. We have had temperatures in the 40s and 50s the last couple of days. That's between 4 and ten degrees. We are assured that it is very unseasonable. But it is nice to have some warmer weather none the less. Apparently we are currently on a record streak this year of no significant snow (more than an inch) for 323 days. Either way we are not complaining. We are enjoying the blessing of central heating, and double glazing.

I have been back into Hebrew this week. It is busy, but it is not so bad as I am only concentrating on the one subject. Yesterday and today I have been doing some translating of Ruth chapter one. It is nice to finally get into the Hebrew Bible. Previously we have been using the textbook, which has been very helpful.

The biggest thing has been building up the vocabulary. We are on a crash course, learning up to 30 words a day. On the top of our whiteboard in our classroom we have written the phrase "Build Vocabulary Daily". It is a very true phrase. To learn a language, especially Greek and Hebrew, you need to do daily review. I am trialing a system called the Leitner System. If you are interested look up Leitner in Wikipedia. It has a good explanation.

Last night we had the rare treat of going out to dinner and seeing a movie. We had some money given to us to be used specifically for fun, and with the use of some vouchers we managed some lovely Mexican food, and the movies. Something we haven't done for a long time. It was a nice night out. Those date nights are important!

We have been given our book list for the next Semester. There is some very interesting in terms of Pastoral Care books. I am looking forward to reading them. I have begun reading "The Shepherd Leader" by Timothy Witmer. I am enjoying what I have read so far, and I will update you in a future post.

One thing that you can give thanks for is the Lord's continued provision for us. We had a discussion with our deacon back Home the other day, and it looks like we are on budget this year, despite some initial large expenses. We are thankful that the Lord knows our needs, and meets them and more. We are also very thankful for those of you who have made the sacrifice to support us in various ways financially. And to those who support us in prayer, and the encouragement that we receive via Email. Thank you!

Have a wonderful week,


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