Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainy Chicago Dec 2012

Izaak flew in on a Friday afternoon and the next day, Saturday we took the train into Chicago! (We went on a Saturday as the kids travel free!) Flo our good friend joined us as well for a rainy day in the CBD. Despite the rain, everyone had a good time and most of the girls even came home with some extra stuffed toys! 

Zara, Murray and his friend!
Flo and the girls upstairs in the train
The Christmas Tree in Macy's.
 The tree is TWO stories high! Quite a sight
Inside Macy's (a BIG department store)
Beautiful mosaic ceiling
I'm seriously drooling here, such a shame
that the voltage is different back home :(
Got to have a photo with the bean despite the cold and rain
YES it was cold and rainy!
The American Girl Store, NO Mama we are
 NOT taking you there as that could be dangerous!
Lego Store
Albert - Dreams are FREE
Chicago Skyline in lego

The Disney Store

Well that just about needs a post in it's self! My Oma (thank you) had given Izaak some money for the girls to buy something with. After making a visit to the Disney Store once, the adults decided to 'treat' the girls with a soft toy if they so wished with the 'Oma' money. So we made a second visit on the way back. Zara was hilarious and had the adults in stitches as she went straight to the soft toy wall and picked out the horse "Angus" from the movie "Brave". (I had no idea what that movie was about, never heard of it). Despite using our (and Flo's) persuasive powers, she could not be convinced to chose a cute Piglet or cuddly Tigger or even a Minnie or mickey mouse, no it was THE Horse! On the way back on the train, she told Izaak very slowly as if he didn't understand what she was about to say: "Izaak, His name is Moon (pause to make sure he got it), Light (pause) Star!". When she went to bed that night, I asked her where MoonLightStar was? and she told me that he is in his stable as that is where horses sleep! So the next night I tried to convince her that THIS horse doesn't like sleeping in a stall it likes to sleep on her pillow covered by blankets. She refused! So once she was asleep, I placed MoonLightStar on her pillow underneath the blankets and took a photo to show her in the morning! 
Kate chose Pluto and Grace chose Eeyore! Michaela chose not to buy one and buy craft stuff with her money instead.

Choosing a soft toy
It's hard to make a selection when there
are so many to chose from
Rainy Skyline
Dinner at Subway
 (At $2 a sub (special for the holidays) you can't go wrong!)

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