Thursday, September 27, 2012

Box day and our first 'school' day!

Here are some photo's of our curriculum arriving and unpacking, plus some firsts :). I haven't got much time this week with all this homeschooling and ironing so just a couple of photo blogs!

Three boxes of Sonlight
(We had been looking out for the Fedex Truck)

It's like Christmas!

Albert is checking the books against the invoice, no small feat!
Books keep coming out of the box

That's it! An entire year of school for all four girls even
down to the pegs needed for the science experiments! 
While I sorted out the books Kate made a
'Clifford and friends' train with the wrapping paper. 
The Instructors Guide - Oh How I love Thee!
Making Castles out of the boxes
 (they come pre-printed on the inside of the box!)

I suppose this is Zara's first day of school!
(Miss you Maree L!)
Michaela doing her Maths (Teaching Textbooks on  CD)
Reading one of the many books
Reading aloud with Dad!
M & G's Core D on the top shelf
Kate's Core A on the bottom shelf
Answer keys and Instructors Guides (blue folders)
All the homeschool stuff together
 plus Albert's books on the top shelf!

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