Friday, September 28, 2012

Girls Hut

Girls Hut - It's even got a cleaning area, eating area and play area!

Front door, notice the bucket of water to clean your feet
and the brush to keep the hut clean. 
Zara showing me her trick
Grace with her trick
Kate with her trick
(Michaela's trick didn't turn out well on the photo.)
Having morning tea with serviettes,
paperplates and disposable american cups*
Girls in their second story hut!
*I didn't realise how much America is a throw away society! I don't think I have eating out on real plates and drank from real cups. We got given the 'throw-away' plates etc. The girls even went as far as writing their names on the plates and cups (which they do here as well). I have bought disposable cups for when we have a large crowd of people around as I haven't simply got enough glasses and it's not worth buying for the few years we are here.

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