Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Intensive Greek Celebration!

Albert had 3 weeks of intensive Greek everyday before seminary started. Once this was finished we decided to celebrate with going to Beggars Pizza. This was the last night of 'freedom' before seminary started. On Tuesday and Friday night they have a organist playing their organ. The girls had vouchers from the egg drop that they won. Albert and I bought something small. The girls were actually more interested in the big TV screens on the walls than the organ itself, ah well you get that ;). 

At our table waiting for our order
Winning vouchers
Notice all the lights? The organist controlled it all depending on the music. 
Again proof that I'm here :)
I tried curly fries with cheese, fries were excellent, cheese sauce very salty 
Albert's burger

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Franci said...

Now this makes me miss American burgers, pizza and fries. Curly fries! Amazing, juicy burgers! Thin crust New York pizza (the stuff they have in Chicago doesn't measure up)!

Enjoy it all!