Saturday, September 29, 2012

Albert's Weekly Update 28/9/2012

It's slowly starting to get cooler here. The leaves are starting to go yellow. Just about everywhere that you look you can see squirrels with nuts in their mouths. We have one that we seems to live up one of the trees on our property. Hanneke and I have called him Fatso, but the girls want to call him Nutty.

It has been a good productive week at Seminary. I have been able to make some progress on the Books and articles that I need to read for my various subjects. I have also been able to make some progress thinking about some of the papers that need to be written this Semester. There is always something that needs to be done!

I have had both a Greek and Hebrew test this week. The Languages continue to be a challenge, but I am relishing that challenge. I also received back my Greek Intensive Exam this week. I passed reasonably well, so I am very thankful for that!

This week I have been reading the following:
Always Ready, by Greg Bahnsen - a text on Apologetics - finally finished!
Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof
Reformed Dogmatics by Herman Bavinck
Between Two Worlds by John Stott (A chapter on Sincerity and Earnestness in Preaching)
Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures by Herman Ridderbos (Very interesting with regard to the Canon of Scripture)
Some other Canon Material

I have also been doing some work flow planning. We went out to dinner to one of the senior students houses last Friday, and he gave me some good advice with regard to getting everything done. The recurring theme around here is that you can't do it all! The key is to know what needs my critical attention, and what is there as a background to the things that we are learning in class.

One of the things that I have noted across a couple of classes is that I am weak in the area of Philosophy. So I have downloaded an audio course from RTS on the History of Philosophy. It's interesting stuff! I have been listening to it when I am cleaning at Seminary, and also when I go out running.

The work-life balance is improving. Hanneke and the Girls have been understanding, but I have been working hard on getting all my priorities right.

I have started to do some more exercise, in the interest of keeping healthy (and sane!). I have run back from Seminary twice this week. It's a great way to recharge, and get rid of some physical energy. I am not used to all the sitting around that I am doing. I wouldn't want to get fat!

Prayer Requests:
Thanks for: A good week of Study and feeling more on top of my workload.
Requests: That I may continue to work diligently, and use the time given to me wisely. For Hanneke and the Girls as they continue homeschooling.

Have a great weekend and a Blessed Lord's Day!



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