Monday, October 1, 2012

God's Providence

Does it need a caption? other than it's real bread?
God provides for us in all sorts of unexpected ways! I'll share some with you:
  • At church after a evening service, they had a fellowship 'root beer floats' (which is like coke with vanilla icecream!) and asked us to take the leftover icecream home! (a tub with about 3-4 litres!)
  • An anonymous person dropped a whole lot of frozen beef sirloin steak and venison mince off at seminary and the students were told to take one of each home! So we had sirloin steak for dinner one night, what a treat!
  • The neighbour dropped me off about 2 dozen corn on the cobs.
  • At a street party which we went too, there was a sign up sheet to received surplus foodbank items. I signed up and last week a box of bread turned up at my doorstep, it was expired but made good toasties and nice toast! 
  • Last week, while backing out of our driveway very early in the morning on my way to swimming, I drove over the pop-up lawn sprinkler. OOPS. Albert asked the neighbour where he could buy another one from. The neighbour said leave it with me. One of the neighbour's friends came and replace it for free (ie he paid for it) and it turned out that he attends the same church as we do!
  • I went to the optometrist last week to get a new prescription for my contact lenses as you can't buy them here without one. As I was about to pay for my examination, the receptionist told that because my husband is a seminary student the exam is free!
  • On Sunday, Albert met a dentist, who told us that if we ever need a dentist for us or the kids, he will see us for free!
  • We've been given so much I'll share a few: some snow pants, girls clothes, girls bikes, school desk (for each girl), toys, goggles etc
  • I've also been able to providentially 'find' things I've needed very cheap/marked down, like the ring binders I needed for Albert as well as the girls for $1.48 each, some sandals I've needed for girls, a GOOD spatula etc. Secondhand again on a cheap/marked down sale, coffee mugs, life-jacket for Zara, 10c jeans/shorts for some of the girls, breadmaker, alarm clock for the girls (which is very cool because it projects the time onto the ceiling!)


Franci said...

God surely IS good!

Heleen said...

Wow! Isn't God amazing! Step out in faith and you will be blessed!