Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Albert's Weekly update 29/10/2012

Albert doing a devotion at the girls
homeschool co-op. 

It's 2 degrees outside at the moment. We are warm inside, but the heaters are on. We keep telling people that this is what our winter is like, and they just smile at us and tell us to wait until the real winter begins.

I am keeping an eye on Hurricane Sandy, but it is nowhere near where we are, and apart from some cool temperatures and high winds, we are going to be fine.

I am enjoying reading recess this long weekend. Reading recess means a break from classes on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. I have been getting some work done. I have pretty much finished a textual criticism assignment, as well as a sermon outline that are due next week. It's nice to have some things done in advance.

The textual criticism assignment asked the question: Is John 7:53-8:11, also known as the Adultery Pericope, a part of the Original gospel of John. I was fascinated to find that it is not. I'll post my paper on the web, once I have finished it, for those interested.

My sermon outline is on Hebrews 12:1-3. I've enjoyed working through that passage, and will again post it on the web for those interested once it is all finished off.

On Thursday I took the day off. We went to the girls homeschooling group in the morning, where I got to see what the girls got up to. It was a fun morning, and the girls love having me there.

In the afternoon we went to Cabelas. This is a huge outdoor shop. They sell everything outdoors, including any gun that you want. I am not kidding, they were all there hanging on the walls, and some even out on racks where you could pick them up and look at them. No bolts or ammunition, but it was a real eye opener. Talking to some of the people here, it is very easy to purchase a fire arm, and in some places no license is necessary.

But the most impressive thing about Cabellas was their taxidermy displays. Hanneke promises that there are some pictures to follow. We saw Bears, Deer, Mountain lions, foxes, and Mooses (I know - but it sounds good!), just to name a few. We must have spent at least 3 hours, just having a browse. We all had a great time.

This week following I have a Hebrew Quiz, and a Greek Mid Term exam. I am working hard on the Greek, and pretty much have the prep done for my Hebrew.

In terms of papers to before the end of the Semester (Dec 7th with exam week to follow) I still have a full Sermon to do, as well as a 15 page paper for Apologetics on Jehovah's Witnesses. That should be an interesting one, I'll keep you posted.

Have a great week,


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