Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bullet Point Update 12/10/12

Oh dear, the Earl Grey is running out (blue packet)
 I will have to start drinking breakfast blend instead (brown packet)
This makes me happy at US$0.29 a pound.
(remember my wedding for those that were there?)
Here is another bullet point update from me, it's been a while, I'll tell you why in a minute. I've got some photo posts in the making I won't give them to you all at once but rather spread them out over a couple of weeks.

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  • Sonlight - I'm very impressed by Sonlight so far. The instructor guides are VERY helpful, I basically don't do any planning at all, it is all done for me. One thing that is a bit more work is that I'm teaching two different levels with their own bible, history, science etc. I have talked to other mums and most of them teach all those subjects the same and adapt them to the different ages. I have opted so far to stick to the 'letter' to the curriculum as I'm still in the infancy of homeschooling. For Maths Michaela and Grace are using Teaching Textbooks which is very nice as they do that they selves without just about no input from me. For their bible memory verses each level comes with it's own music CD! It is so 'catchy' that before I've been going to sleep all I can hear in my head is "Oh Lord our Lord how majestic is your name in all the earth" Ps8. A great way to learn the bible!
    There is a LOT of reading that is required in the curriculum (hence all the books!) but that has not been a negative, instead it has 'fed' my readaholics so far! There are more photo's etc to come - be patient!
  • Parenting - Well homeschooling is the easy bit, parenting the hardest! I haven't found it easy to balance schoolwork with parenting, washing, ironing, cooking/baking and grocery shopping ie the general household chores! I'm sure with time it will get better and we might have to have a catch-up occasionally. 
  • Time - Well that's a fascinating subject isn't it! Frankly there isn't much of it. This is NOT a complaint but a fact and we are blocking time out for the important things, family time, couple time and some exercise time!
  • Swimming - Kate and Zara are continuing to do very well. They are being taught quite a different method to what I'm used to. I would be happy to teach them myself but the question lies, where? I have found no cheap public pools (if there are, tell me!)
  • Masters Swimming - My swimming is improving every week, I'm up to about 2800 yards (2.5km) a session with about 3 sessions a week. Getting up at 4.30am is not easy but again if I don't make time to have some exercise when would you fit it in?
  • Weather - It is cooling. This kind of scares me as it has already dropped to below 0 during the night and it is only the beginning of October, what more is there to come? The house is very warm and we have only put the heater on to test it! Apart from that Albert has been reliving his student days by studying in his sleeping bag during early morning starts at the office! (Secretly I think he has been enjoying this experience!)
  • Snow clothing! - We are looking forward to snow and as we discovered in Wanganui that it is not much fun being in the snow if you are not prepared for it. So yesterday we went off to the local Salvation Army thrift store. (It is huge!) and managed to find just about everything we needed! We bought snowpants for just about everyone, snowboats for everyone and some gloves! We will still need to buy some more gloves and a pair of snow pants for Albert. We had already bought snowjackets in the heat of summer when the same store had 50% of their snowjackets!
  • Outings - We have been on a few which I will share more on with my photo posts. Here is a teaser: School Fair, The beach on the lake, A friends backyard pool. 
  • Lou Priol.o - We went to hear him last week Friday and Saturday night. We were challenged and encouraged to hear/listen to him. He spoke about his book "Teach Them Diligently". A book well worth buying. We might buy another copy here as our copy is in the container at home. His book is about applying scriptures to your children (heart) something we definitely don't do enough off. (Does anyone?) 
  • MARS Community - We continue to be blessed by the seminary community, from the interactions and encouragement with other seminary families to Seminary Wives meetings and having our First year student get togethers! Continue to keep the seminary in your prayers also! 
  • Couponing - I'm continuing to learn in this department and have managed to get a lot of things VERY cheap including many toiletries, especially razors. We also get the neighbours coupons form the paper, very helpful to have double coupons!
  • Freebies - I also subscribe to several websites that offer trail/samples of their products and so the girls and I during a homeschool break eagerly check my google reader to see what is 'free' today! These freebies go very fast and so you need to be on the ball! So far I've managed to 'score' samples of shampoo/conditioner (very handy to take to the pool!), chocolate drinks, coffee drinks, dishwashing tablets, washing powder etc. 
  • Work - I'm still doing ironing for the neighbour which is a huge blessings. Also the neighbours are going away for two weeks so I'll be their dogsitter! 

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