Wednesday, October 3, 2012

History Lesson in Photos

On one of our last afternoons before seminary started we went the Community Veterans Memorial. Very fascinating (Mama you'll enjoy it!) if you like history! Here is our walk in photos.

Zara posing
Along the walk was a timeline engraved in bricks ranging from about 1800's until now. 

Notice the timeline?

Girls took turns posing for all the scultures
I remember that, we went on holiday to Berlin not long after that. 
Michaela, I wonder how old she is?
Who doesn't remember this vividly?
Grace, I wonder how old she is?
Kate with her year
Zara and her year
Girls posing in front of the fountain
Can you recognise the flags?
PS Albert drives past this everyday to seminary. 

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United States of America
US Army
US Navy
US Air Force
US Marines
US Coast Guard
City of Chicago
State of Illinois