Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beach at the lake!

Another photo post. The last Friday before seminary started we went out to the beach by the lake! It's very funny to go to the beach with fresh water. On the day it was very hot and so a nice cooling off in the lake was very welcome! We 'gate crashed' another seminary student's family outing :) and the all kids had a ball! 

Albert, Zara and friends
Can you see the end of the lake? 
I only seem to have photo's of Zara
the other girls must be having too much fun!
Grace and Zara
Zara with her lifejacket for which I'm VERY
 grateful as she can't swim yet!
Zara and a friend eating the BEST popcorn
that I've ever tasted! Chicago mix -
both caramel and cheese flavour in the same bag! 

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