Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random September Pics

Here are some more random pictures that don't fit in a blog post by themselves!

Perfectionist Zara, colour coded her lego!
I see two, no hang on, three reading!
Mashed Potato out of a box? (again this was donated!)
It didn't actually taste too bad!
Zara disappeared one morning, only to be fast asleep in her bed?????
M & G's Alarm clock that they found at the thrift store
 is very cool, it projects the time on the ceiling!
Squirrel aka Nutty! 
Squirrels are EVERYWHERE, and apparently to the human residents are quite a nuisance but to us 'newbie's' we think they are pretty exciting! Sorry about the photo quality, they move so fast that I least we got one to stay still long enough! (Albert is wondering whether they taste nice in order to serve them for thanksgiving/Christmas dinner! haha)

1 comment:

bhoyt said...

Lot's of country folk have eaten squirrel. That was especially true during the depression 80 years ago. I doubt if squirrel are protected so you might get an air rifle and pop off a few for Thanksgiving dinner!!