Saturday, July 20, 2013

NY Trip Two - Enterprise & Submarine

As part of the Intrepid they also had the Enterprise on the flight deck. Like all money making schemes you had to pay extra for this. We did! For those of you who know Albert, he LOVES space and all related things, so it was not a matter of if we will go but a matter of when! We were slightly disappointed that we didn't get to go into the shuttle itself but to see the shuttle and it's story made it all worth while. I for one didn't realize that the Enterprise never went into space and was only a prototype. It was a first of it's kind. 

Through the tunnel to enter to the exhibit there
are sayings from real launching!
On the viewing platform

More History, those are the different shuttles

Growler Submarine
After visiting the U-505 in Chicago I was surprised to see how big this submarine was inside. This was the only exhibit that there was a queue for as of course you can only have a few people inside the submarine at one time. The waiting was fine however and gave the little girls a chance to rest their feet!

Officer's quarters
Periscope, they had two onboard
Even the crew quarters seemed pretty good
Imagine having to remember all those dials?
Torpedo - what is it with bunking next to a torpedo?
View of deck

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