Thursday, August 1, 2013

Albert's Update 25th July 2013

Things are beginning to wind up for me here in Pompton Plains. Next week is our last full week here, and my final time preaching will be the two morning services on August 4 (DV). After that we are planning to slowly make our way back home.

We are hoping to stay a few days in Philadelphia, as well as to make a quick two day visit to Washington DC.

They are sort of on the way home, and we thought that we might as well make the most of the opportunity, as it is unlikely that we will be out this side of the States again soon. At the moment we are studying all the free/ cheap things to do in Washington DC. 

Having worked through last week I am having two days off starting tomorrow. I also not preaching this Sunday - the first Sunday I am not preaching for since coming here, so I am looking forward to sitting in the Pew with the family again! On Friday we are planning to see the 911 memorial, as well as take the Staten Island ferry to go past the Statue of Liberty. The girls (and the grown ups) are looking forward to that one! Both activities are free, so it is only parking for the car, and the train in, that we need to pay for.

On Saturday we are hoping to go up to High Point. It won't surprise you to learn that this is the Highest point of New Jersey. There is supposed to be a monument to climb there too apparently. Pictures no doubt to follow.

We have been making the most of my days off, and going and exploring as much as we can. There is lots to see and do around here!

Last Sunday, Hanneke and I bravely volunteered to pick up Rev Victor Atallah, and his wife Lisa. How hard can it be to drive in New York? It should be a lovely romantic drive for us. Well, while the drive was good for our marriage, it was not so easy an exercise. We had written directions, but they did not agree with the GPS. We got there in the end, and I only had to apologize for losing my cool once. Going back out was a much smoother operation, and it was lovely to spend some time with Rev Atallah and Lisa. Rev Atallah preached at Pompton Plains that evening, and also spoke afterwards.

We dropped the Atallah's off at where Rev Ken Campbell and his wife Heather are currently staying on Holiday. Those names should sound familiar to a number of our Kiwi readers. It was lovely to catch up that evening with some people from back home, and we hope to catch up with them again prior to our leaving for Illinois.

I have been continuing to preach and visit. I am preparing for VBS or Vacation Bible School. I am going to be dressed up as a Knight for the week. Again, pictures no doubt to follow!

We have enjoyed our time here. It has been a real time of serving others, and being so blessed ourselves. The congregation here has really made us feel welcome, and have encouraged us in our ministry here. I have enjoyed preaching, and I am enjoying the progress that I am making in this area, through the Lord's strength and equipping. This summer has been one of further strengthening of the inward call that is continuing to develop in my life, combined with much external encouragement. We are excited about the future, and for what the Lord has in-store for us!

Have a blessed week,

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