Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church

(We're on our way back to Ilinois via some tourist spots at the moment so hence the blogposts will be sporadic for a couple of weeks!)

For those interested, here are a few pictures of where we are living while in Pompton Plains. We live in the ministry house on the church property. The ministry house is used as a youth centre and so it has plenty of youth entertainment! The girls enjoy 'playing' with the youth toys like, wii, huge beanbags, table tennis table, air hockey and also a Foosball table. Like all things, the novelty wears off after a while although they can't get enough of playing with and on the beanbags! The wii has also come in handy as it is soo hot over here and the basement (where the wii is) is cooler and has provided some entertainment for them. We adults have enjoyed the youth's huge movie screen with projector, it will be sad that we're going to have watch netflix on a TV when we get back home. 

Girls ready to 'scooter' down the hill from
the ministry house
Ministry house
View of the back of the church looking down from
the ministry house
Front of the church
Main Entrance
Grace and friend
Ready to scooter down the hill!
The older you get the better the parking spot!

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