Monday, August 17, 2015

Niagara Falls in Spring visit one

A visit to Ontario, CA wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Falls! I have to say although I've seen them heaps over summer last year, it remains a spectacular sight! I was thrilled to go and visit the Falls in Winter.  Quite a lot of the snow and ice had already gone but the scenery never the less was pretty amazing! I went twice to the Falls in the one week, once with Shar and the girls and once with just Kate and Zara, more on that in another post! It's so fun (and sad) to look over these fun memories we made only this year!

Horseshoe Falls (Canada)

American Falls

Kate with her new horse hat, thanks Shar!

Zara with her Zebra hat (it makes me laugh!)
Shar's girls and our girls
Ladies in training!
(yes it was cold and rainy!)
Looking at the falls from the inside where it was nice and warm!

Enjoying a donut and hot chocolate at.... Tim Hortons!

What a fun day! It pays to go with a local as Shar knew where to park for free :). I also parked the car when I went with just Kate and Zara! Yah for free parking!

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