Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NY Trip One - 4th of July!

(some photo's finally, Albert did some work on my laptop so hopefully it works better now :). Also our newest NZ students at Mid America have a blog also, Josh and Hannah)

For the 4th of July we decided to go and visit the Warner's who are living in Jersey City for the summer. We also stayed overnight at their tiny flat! We all fitted and had a great time, here are some of what we did in picture form. Enjoy!
We took the Path into NY
Very grateful for Aircon on the train
as it was VERY hot on that day
Times Square with Elmo who wants a tip!
(Sorry Elmo we are 'poor Dutch' students!)
The Ball! (hint think new years)
Our family with Cademon
In Toy'R'Us, a HUGE Ferris wheel.
Look at the size of the nerds!
m'm shop, a shame that
the m'ms  are too expensive :(
m'm's until your heart's content,
every color under the rainbow, different flavors
Statue of Liberty 
No title needed! 
Was tempted to buy a T-shirt,
a shame that they were all tight fitting :(

After our trip to NY we went back to the flat, packed our picnic dinner and went to a local park to wait for it to get dark so that we could watch the fireworks! I think we might have been one of the only families with blond hair/blue eye girls! A tiring day which meant kids went to bed no problem and after all were in bed, we enjoyed some great fellowship and a beer or two, plus some New Zealand wine! Thanks Aaron and Audra (who made the best chicken salad ever!)

Freedom Tower
NY from the Jersey side
Camera battery died so not a lot of photo's
from the fireworks
Zara and her new friend which was quite hilarious.
PS This is all quite unreal especially as I've been reading/following Franci's blog when they lived there. Even though I have never met her, I kind of feel that she is here with us, I feel I know her and the silly thing is that I think of her often when in NY.


Veronica said...

Thanks for these! I'm so glad you get to enjoy occasions like this during your time in the US. It also whets the appetite - we'll be in NYC in just over a month from now. Thanks for the pre-taste! All the best in your final weeks in NJ.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed NYC. I'd strongly recommend you guys go on the Staten Island Ferry and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge before you return to Chicago.

Times Square is a spectacle, but it's so gawdy...