Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ninth Day Off - 19th July 2014 - Part One

Albert had another Saturday off and we decided to go for a 'hike' in the Niagara Glen. Unfortunately it rained this day. We didn't let this dampen (haha) our spirits but it did wear our spirits thin after our climb. The walk/hike was pretty amazing with spectacular scenery. Izaak came with us also and we decided it would be a good idea to give Izaak some fitness training. Today seemed as good as any day, so instead of having a donkey carry your gear, we thought it was a good idea for Izaak to carry a donkey instead. It adds 'weight' to the training plan! Izaak was a VERY good sport about it all (of course being the nice people we are, we didn't tell him about the donkey in his backpack! hahaha!). Oh and for the record Albert wants it known that we just temporary lost our direction of travel (for the actual record - I always knew where we were, just not quite how we were to get to where we wanted to go :) - TAC), we NEVER got lost!! (To give Albert credit he did manage to get us through the PATH system in Toronto!)

Oh some of the photo's are contributed by Izaak! (Photos are in random order as I took some and Izaak took some, haven't got time to figure out how to change it around, it's not very user friendly)

Our destination for our hike! (Whirlpool!)
Kate at the gift store with a ?
Map of our walk/hike
Stairs descending to the walk
Jetboat on the Niagara River
I'm soaked through but enjoying the 'hike'
Michaela eager to start!
A long way down!
Start of the walk, happy hikers :)

Izaak and Albert
I LOVE this family photo! Thanks Izaak!
Izaak and Grace
Getting a helping hand
The water scared me more than hiking, it flowed VERY fast!
Albert and the girls
Our walk to the Whirlpool was not bad, we followed the path. Once we reached the Whirlpool the walk back up to the road was not as pleasant, but we all made it all in one piece! (including the donkey who was a bit wet!)

Izaak shouted us (ie paid for dinner) some lovely HOT fries from Costco which tasted soooo good after our wet 'hike'! We ate the fries in the car as we didn't have much time as we were going to the drive in movies that night! 
More in the next blogpost.........

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