Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mid America Reformed Seminary Promotion - Part One

As part of a Mid America Reformed Seminary Promotion, the students got a 'free' t-shirt or polo and then in return had to wear it on their internship! So on every day off Albert has 'donned' the Polo and I've taken photo's in all sorts of 'cool' places. Being 'Seminary boys' there seems to be a bit of competition with regard who can take the 'coolest' photo. Well in late May, Aaron (Albert's Seminary buddy) took a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter with the t-shirt on and posted it on FB. Well that is hard to beat isn't it? So since then Albert has been 'looking out' for kittens in distress preferably in burning buildings ;)! So without much further ado here is installment one of the Seminary Student Promoting MARS!

PS if you have any other suggestions for photo ops, PLEASE share privately with us, we wouldn't want the other students to know now do we?


Lock 3 - Welland Canal
With Canada Geese
At Niagara in a souvenir shop
(this one makes me laugh!)
Grant, is this what you are after? :)
A Canadian Icon!
(things we do for a photo op!)
Eating a Canadian treat - Poutine
(Fries with cheese and gravy)

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