Saturday, June 28, 2014

Proud Daddy Moment!

Albert and I have been trying to keep up our running and fitness regime by being creative. So a couple of times a week we do 'laps' on our long driveway to get some running in together. Grace thought that it would be a great idea to 'beat' us and so she put on her running shoes and took off. I decided to cheer on Grace and got her some water and a cookie. At the sight of the yummy cookies which someone had baked for us, the other girls were keen also to 'beat' us. So it turned out into a running competition with a reward of water and a cookie as a prize! Ofcourse the running 'race' wouldn't be complete without some 'spectators' and 'cheerleaders'! 

Go Grace!
Support team!
Our family mascot!
(Michaela the other day smuggled him into our cooler!)
All four of Albert's girls, proud Daddy moment!
Kate and Zara
(Zara still manged to talk and give orders, huh?)
Well done Grace!
Well done Zara!
A very determined Michaela!
Go Kate!
Zara cheering her sisters on
Support crew on bike
This sums up Kate, a kiss to her very
favorite thing in the world!
Ok, another pose by Zara
Sprinting a lap
Taking 'Patrick' for a run!
All done, she 'beat' us by two laps!

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