Thursday, June 12, 2014

Third Day Off in Ontario - 6/6/14

Today we decided to drive the local Parkway along the Niagara River. We started at Fort Erie and would have looked at it but the cost was too high. It is very touristy here with charges for everything it seems. Queenstown, NZ has the same sort of feeling! So us frugal students find ways around this :). We parked in a carpark within walking distance to the Falls and walked instead of paying up to $20 for parking. In fact we were glad we did because the walk was very nice and there was lots to see along the way. The weather was beautiful, not too hot and not too cold! I packed snacks for lunch and ate those at the Falls. We then drove to Niagara on the Lake, beautiful town and then had dinner with the lady (and family) who shared Kate's birthday. What a great day out! 

Bridge into Buffalo, USA
Start of our walk, notice the 'cloud' in the distance?

This bridge controls the amount of water that goes over the falls.
Close up
Looking towards the falls

Getting closer
How cool is that?
Just before the falls, lots of seaguls decided to
fly in the air as we walked past
start of the falls

Girls at the start of the falls
It really is VERY impressive especially
the amount of water that does over
and one of us of course!
Girls 'found' a polar bear inside the souvenir shop
Having lunch, I like this photo, Albert took it :)
So we weren't the only ones who visited the falls that day!
Pretty cool photo if i say so myself!

We 'found' this spot where you can see both waterfalls, how cool is that?
(American on the left, Canada on the right!)
Some tourist took some photo's of us and we took some of them
but they insisted that the girls were in the photo also!

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