Friday, June 27, 2014

My cross country birthday!

For our Date night/Birthday dinner, we crossed the border to the USA! Albert had arranged for the girls to stay the night at some friends house and so we had a whole evening and night to ourselves, what a treat!

Albert did some research on where to take me for dinner. He discovered that anywhere decent (ie not Costco :) ) with a view of the Falls was waaaay out of our price range. After doing some more research on the American side, he came across a Sushi place. What a neat idea, one I hadn't thought of :). We both like Sushi and I liked the idea of having my birthday dinner in another country! 

Once we finished dinner we drove straight back to Canada and enjoyed a ride on the Skywheel which over looks the Falls, very nice! 

Tuna Sushi, YUM
Salmon Sushi fried in a tempura batter, VERY YUM!
Assorted 'raw' fish platter, VERY YUM also
oh, just to prove I was there :)
Sunset driving back to Canada

(the whole area around it is VERY touristy!)
Nice couple don't you think?
Photo for the girls since they
wanted to see what the 'pods' were like
Tallest man in the Guinness Book of Records
Random Moose 
'Birthday Cake' Marshmallow Rice Bubble Cake! YUM
Banana (frozen) peanut butter, milk, cocoa smoothie
(If you haven't tried this you are missing out!)

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