Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fourth Day Off in Ontario - 13/6/14

Our day off consisted in checking out another country!! How cool is it to go to another country for the day? We needed to make a few phone calls and do some grocery shopping so we decided to go to the USA for the day! That is pretty cool. The border crossing was no problem, we crossed on the Rainbow Bridge with spectacular views of the falls. There was no toll going into the USA but there was going back. We did 'business' first and stopped at Aldi for some cheap supplies and then stopped at my favorite Pharmacy CVS since I had a storecredit that was due to expire. I managed to 'score' 6 chocolate bars for under a $1 cash. We made our phonecalls between shopping and had lunch on Beaver Island. After lunch since the weather was no good and so we did some window shopping at the local shopping mall. This wasn't a highlight for the girls. I managed to buy a very modest swim outfit for the recreational swimming. Ok not one of those burka things but modest compared to the world at least! (I have a competition suit (also decent considering the purpose!) for my lap pool swimming).

After shopping, we had some dinner. (We ate out and it was disappointing. I wasn't sure what to take food wise etc since we be gone all day, normally I pack the chillibin full with snacks etc). After dinner we visited 'Goat Island'. Of course in true tourist fashion there is a parking charge, BUT it's a lot cheaper to park at the USA side then the Canadian side, go figure? This is the island we were seeing from across the Canadian border and so it was 'fun' to see it from the other side! At 9pm on certain nights the Falls light up and so we stayed for that. Also that night there were fireworks and so we stayed for that also. The parking fee was worth it :)! So we crossed the border again about 10.30pm with no problems. I specifically showed them my receipts of everything we bought but border control didn't even look at them, we must look innocent! 

We looked at a few of the tourist options but tourist + Natural Wonder = VERY expensive! We are planning to go on 'Maid of the Mist' when Albert's parents arrive. We thought it would be cool to do that with them. 

Here is our day in photo form, no photo's of shopping though, didn't think you want to see that!

Falls from the Rainbow Bridge!
Lunch from Aldi
(LOVE that store! bought a full cart for $USA100!!)
Grace insisted that I be part of the photo also :)
Beaver Park with the Niagara Parkway
(which we drove last week) in the background!
Family photo by Grace
Goat Island - Canadian Falls from the USA side!
(This is where we watched the fireworks from)
Family photo at the Canadian Falls
Can you see how close the water is? Scary!
Selfie photo bombed by Michaela!
It's very windy, notice the hair :)
Canadian Falls

Canada across the river :)
Rainbow Bridge
This is part of Goat Island.
Crossing one of the bridges to the 'Three Sisters'
Looking towards the American Falls
Sunset over the American Falls
American Falls with the Canadian Falls in the back ground
In the 'spotlight' (trying out night functions on my camera!)
Skylon Tower, Canada
Lights at the Falls
(Sorry I'm not very good at night photos yet!)

Trying out the fireworks feature on my camera

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