Sunday, May 24, 2015


Just a quick update today to all our family, friends and supporters!

What a whirlwind week it has been! Unfortunately I got quite sick on early Tuesday morning with some food posioning/stomach bug which sapped my energy. I did visit the doctor but they did not advise to do anything 'heavy' for the pain just in case there was something more serious. Thankfully by early Wednesday morning I started to feel better. Albert was a great nurse as always and managed to pack up his seminary stuff in boxes while I was in bed. We had a very lovely faculty/senior dinner on Wednesday night. It is so surreal to be finally done. The Bumas, Albert's third (or something distant related) cousins came down on Wednesday and babysat the girls while we went out for dinner. They also took the girls out for dinner, I'm not sure who had more fun on Wednesday night! 

On Thursday the seminary organised a family lunch with the senior students being able to take family on a tour of seminary. I wish I could have taken all of you! It was very nice to relax and socialize with the seniors, their families and faculty. Albert also had his exit interview with the board of Mid America. 

In the afternoon, we went back home. I braided the girls hair and Hannah and Karena curled the girls hair. Albert managed to 'cook' us some  (frozen) pizza for dinner, proud of him! I got my hair done by a local member of the church who is a hairdresser. The girls FINALLY got dressed into their brand new dresses that have hung in my wardrobe for the last 6 months! They were VERY excited to finally wear their brand new dresses! 

Once arriving at the graduation venue, we had photo's done, and oohed and aahed at all those gorgeous (graduation student) kids (including a 2 week old!). The photographer was great in taking our family photos, couple photo and on our request a photo of the girls. 

While we were waiting for the graduation to start our guests started to arrive! We welcomed our two Canadian couples who drove in for the ceremony, it was very lovely to see them. Then the girls had to look twice at the lovely surprise coming from Canada! Pam and her two girls, Olivia and Amy had driven down to surprise the girls! WOW what a surprise it was, Grace was speechless (if you know Grace, that is just about a miracle!!!!). Since we didn't have any family here in the USA (apart from the Bumas who came) God blessed us with so many friends that came to Albert's graduation that we needed two pews! (those are BIG pews!). While we missed our flesh and blood family and wished that they could have shared that moment with us, God is faithfully in looking after us with providing for us family in Christ! We are soooo going to miss them sniff, sniff. 

Hopefully we will be able to share a link to the graduation ceremony soon. The speaker was excellent, Rev Paul Murphy from NY. The wives got honored as well at the ceremony which I appreciated. It really has been a team effort, his Masters. Then the proud moment came where Albert received his Masters and his hood! VERY PROUD!!

Here are some photos that Jeremy took. When I get more photos I will share :).

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