Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fifth Day off in Ontario - 20/6/14

Today we decided to see some random sights in the Niagara Valley. The girls slept over at a lovely family's house and so our first port of call was to pick them up. After that we went to the Carousel at Port Dalhousie. You can still ride this Carousel for 5c a ride, so we splurged and the kids had three rides each :). We also checked out the beach at Port Dalhousie which was nice but the girls were unable to swim in Lake Ontario since it wasn't safe to do so because ofthe bacteria levels in the lake. 

We had lunch at the lake which consistent of some snacks/treats since it was my birthday. We had some potato chips and some rice bubble marshmellow 'cake', YUM! After that We visited the 'Happy Ralph Petting Zoo' which the girls really enjoyed. We did see one animal which we haven't seen a lot off both here in Canada and the USA but we have plenty off in NZ. We enjoyed seeing goslings and walked a 9/11 remembrance walk.

We also visited the Decew Falls which looked really nice but we were hoping to see more of the mighty falls but since it was getting late in the day we only walked a little bit on the track. 

For dinner we visited Costco once again. We are definitely getting our money's worth out of our membership! (which we got purely for the girls glasses!) After going around the shop and sampling all that was on order we bought some food from the instore 'fast food' store. Since all the food portions are HUGE, the girls shared an icecream between two and Albert and I shared a side of fries. What a great way to spend a birthday with family!

Girls LOVED seeing the horse and it's fowl
Decew Falls and Morning Star Mill
WOW there it is a SHEEP!
Canada Geese
Playing 'moose'!
Grace insisted on a 'couple' photo!
(don't know why I haven't got one of Kate?)

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