Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kate's 8th Birthday

Kate turned 8 last Monday! Since her birthday falls so close to the start of the internship, we decided to have a party for her this year a bit earlier. Last year she didn't have a party with friends and so we made an effort this year to make her feel special! Kate invited some of her friends which is quite something, knowing her, of all the girls she is the least outgoing (i.e. the other girls are VERY outgoing!). Albert planned some games and I made her a icecream birthday cake. The party was a potluck dinner and dinner was enjoyed by all! She was spoilt with lots of presents. We told her that she wasn't getting her present from us until the internship. (We decided to give all the girls a kindle for their birthdays this year (with help from the grandparents) since we do sooo much travelling and the girls devour books! The local library has heaps of kindle books! Kindles are a lot easier to take then truckloads of books!)

Kate opening her present, a new T-shirt in her favorite color!
(she also got new PJ's which when you are girl #3 is pretty cool!)
Chocolate game
Kate 'eating' the chocolate!
The Warner's senior were in town and so tagged along!
Guess who?
Pass the parcel!

VERY spoilt with new roller blades from our next door neighbors!
Icecream cake!

On her actual birthday last Monday, Kate was allowed to chose where/what we would eat for dinner. She was pretty clear, Costco of course! Not only does Costco have taste testers but they also have a cheap fastfood stall with humongous portions. (Izaak you will have to take us there for dinner, hint, hint :)!). We decided to let the girls watch a movie once we got back home and we asked Kate if there was some special 'junk' food she wanted for snacks to go with the movie. She didn't hestitate and said 'Smarties' (chocolate version, not candy, Americans! :) ). I like it when they know what they want, unlike their mother! So although we missed sharing birthdays with family we made the most of it. Kate shares a birthday with one of the members here at Wellandport church and so they invited us for dinner at their house last Friday, what fun!

Girls with their dinner. They shared a meal and couldn't eat it all!
(it's the simple things in life!!!)

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