Monday, June 16, 2014

Random May 2014

Here are some more random photo's from May 2014, enjoy!

Our new homeschool books for the year!
Putting the Instructor Guides together
Look at those lovely piles of books.
(PS notice who is sitting on the couch reading?)
Kate is VERY excited to 'graduate' to
doing maths on the computer
Good Neighbor parade
(The police, fire engines were SOOO loud, the girls are plugging their ears!)
I hosted (not organised) a baby shower for
our lovely upstairs neighbor, Jeni. A yogurt bar!
(Another Sem wife made the lovely labels :) )
Lots of yummy toppings with home made yogurt!
Zara enjoying the neighbors sprinkler system!
YEP! Remember when it was cold? 
This is what girls do when it rains outside, beading!
James and Jeni Roosema! (our upstairs neighbors!)
We are going to miss them very much!
James graduated from MARS this year!
Selfie with one of the graduates
Michaela having a go at Chinese writing
The new school year came with a Chinese writing kit.
The girls thought that was VERY cool!
Michaela's effort
Grace's effort
Country girls playing with drainage pipes!
(the pretended that the pipes were horses!)
Sister Fun!

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