Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kate's Birthday Presents

Kate had her birthday about a month before we left for Chicago and so it was unpractical to give her lots of presents as we would've had to take them on the plane. So on her birthday invite I asked  very nicely to consider giving Kate cash for her birthday so that she could buy her presents over here. She was VERY blessed and ended up with about $124 US dollars which is beyond Kate's comprehension. 

So the 'Clifford' shopping started, I had a look on the internet before we left and thought that it might be nice to buy her a few 'Clifford' things/toys as she is Clifford MAD. We visited quite a few secondhand stores here to look for various things and managed to buy all that is in the photo below for about $6US, that leaves still quite a sum of money, what next? Meet Angry Bird! Kate was quite taken by them and so two Angry Bird games and a soft toy later, some money was spent, but still lots to go! What next? My Little Pony. Two ponies, a light up one and a big 'queen' one and a DVD. A pillow pet (dog ofcourse) and some Friends Lego (a Dog Show) ended the spending spree. Phew! 

(I should mention that a lot of what we bought for Kate, was either second-hand (in excellent condition) or was reduced or on sale, thus making her $124 go a VERY long way and it just about tested my shopping (for presents) patience!)

Clifford from the secondhand stores
All her presents (not the lego, forgot to add that to the photo)
Angry bird games, Pony DVD and Pony
Clifford and Angry Bird
All her Clifford Stuff. 
Footnote: Since these photo's were taken, Kate spotted friends of Clifford at a garage sale. I didn't have the cash on me at the time but we went home and counted my cash out (for those of you who have lived in the States, there are a LOT of coins in change) and it came to $4, the friends were $6. I told Kate to take the money and ask nicely if she could have them for $4, quite an achievement for her. The people did and Kate is now the proud owner of T-Bone, Cleo and Mac. (Her bed is getting rather crowded!)

T-Bone, Clifford, Cleo and Mac

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