Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicago CBD - Part Two

Following on from yesterday's post. Here is the final instalment. While we were there crossing the road a lady approached us and told us that the Vice President was coming through any minute. Things now clicked as there were a lot of police men directing traffic, closed roads and the very busy road was all of a sudden empty. It was quite a spectacle. I managed to catch most of it on camera. Enjoy :) 

Road before the VP came through
Our first glimpse of the lake, can't even see the other side,
are you sure it is not a sea?
Buckingham Fountain
Close up of one portion
With the lake in the back ground
Preparing the way - notice the police cars to the right
The start of the motorcade
I wonder in which car he is?
Even an Ambulance is included
Eating our afternoon tea

Who are the monkey/squirrels? 
Showing Murray the wildlife
One of the trains we went on
Some cooling off
A sundae was about as cheap as a cone - huh?
Isn't this clever?
Girls on a ......
Murray and friends on the bull

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