Friday, August 17, 2012

Egg Drop

This is one of these posts where pictures speak a thousand words. I could tell you what an egg drop is, how we made, how we tested it, and finally how it did. I'll give you a brief summary and for the rest I'll let the pictures speak ;). 

In the school holidays the local library organises fun things for the kids to do. We were only in the country for about a week when we discovered that the library was holding an 'egg drop' competition, they even supplied the materials! It seemed like a fun thing to do as a family especially since the weather was so hot that the girls couldn't even go and play outside and we didn't know many people yet and also we didn't have a car yet. 

So the idea behind the eggdrop is that you make a contraption (using the materials provided) for the egg to sit in so that when it is dropped from a height the egg will stay whole! We had a lot of fun both as adults (someone's got to make sure it works!!!) as well as the kids!

Initial design stage
Rough design
I wonder where the kids went?
Trying it out
(it took us about three modifications to the original design)

oh oh - FAIL

The real deal at the library
WOW look at that, we did IT!
Girls with their prizes, they each got a
$5 Bakers Square voucher,
 a voucher for a slice of pizza and a trophy. 
We bought an Oreo cream pie and a..
Cherry pie with the Bakers Square vouchers.
We haven't yet spent the pizza vouchers, we are going to use those on Tuesday the 21st of August as Albert will have done his final Greek exam, time for a celebration I say!

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