Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Mum

I'm such a good mom sometimes (makes up for those MANY times I'm not as good a mom). We finally after 8 weeks of homeschooling did some science experiments. Both of these experiments were from Kate's curriculum. She has been learning about freezing and melting in science. In history she has been learning about the medieval times. As part of that I made medieval fishpies as the recipe was in her history book. 

The science experiment - Making an Iceberg and then seeing how it melts in the bath. 

We froze toys in several different layers.
The girls had fun picking out which toys to freeze.
The "Iceberg" in the bath. The girls had fun melting it
with cold and then hopping in the bath with hot water!
Medieval Fish Pasties

I made mine with canned salmon.
All ready to be baked
Finished product, they tasted pretty good I thought

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