Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Follow up on yesterdays post, Jeni asked me to make a fall dessert. So hence I had a go in making pumpkin pie, aren't you all impressed? You should be!! I first had pumpkin pie years ago, Veronica made it for us. I have to admit that sweet and pumpkin takes some getting used to. The girls weren't very keen on my pumpkin pie (they have since eating other people's pumpkin pie and loved it!). I'm still undecided. I suppose I will just have to keep trying! :). (Sorry Izaak you might have no choice but to eat some!)

Pumpkin out of a can? I know it's strange
Adding the pumpkin
All mixed
End result, it required a long cooking time.
It tasted pretty good

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Anonymous said...

I didn't take to pumpkin pie right away, either, but love it now. In fact, with all these North American references to Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie, I'm inspired to make one, too! Love your blog, by the way!! Love Veronica.