Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reformation Day 2012

On October the 31st when it seems that all of America celebrates Halloween we went off to a local URC church to celebrate Reformation Day! 

The celebration was held at Lynwood URC. I went with the girls as Albert had to study and clean. I also offered to help out and was one of the co-leaders of the 4 year old group. (Michaela was too old to attend and so helped me out as a co-helper). Each family that attended brought a bag of 'candy', we brought our big pumpkin full of goodies (photo in random pics post). The event was VERY well organised and about 10+ games were organised with the kids 'winning' candy for each game. The kids each had their own 'candy' bag with their name written on it, the bags also came in several different colours which suited our girls to a tee! (Purple for Grace, Red for Kate and Green for Zara!)

After the games were finished we were all summoned into the auditorium for the story of Reformation day and a small 'play' by a local christian school. After that we went into the church hall where we were treated to a hotdog dinner! A very well organised event with the focus on Christ instead of tombstones, ghosts and other horrible creatures!

Of course the kids didn't miss out on the 'candy' and went home with hearing the REAL story of the reformation as well as a HUGE bag of 'candy'! Albert warned me very strongly that under no circumstance was I to eat the girls chocolate bars! I resisted but when I allowed them to have one or two out of their bag, mum would have to have one too! That's fair enough isn't it?

Zara having a go at ring toss
Kate waiting her turn
Grace playing the bean bag game 
Zara and me 'collecting' her 'winnings'
Cute isn't she?
Grace at the lolly pop tree
(or suckers as they call them here????)
Zara choosing a duck our of the pond
Michaela, Zara and Kate having dinner.

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