Saturday, November 10, 2012


Here are the promised photo's of Cabela's. As Albert said in his post we went there during reading recess. We were not disappointed.  We look forward to going again when we have our visitor at Christmas as it is always hard to look at everything the first time you go.

One of the signs in the carpark, you leave your
dog (or horse?) outside while you shop?
HUGE deer
look at the size of the display
Albert and the bear (his favourite)

Polar Bear
Zara and Kate took Lumpy and soft toy elephants
 to 'meet' their friends, very cute!
Very Impressive!
Did you know why God created Zebras
 with black and white stripes?*
Shelter for ice fishing, so it doesn't just happen just on the TV show home improvement!
Looking down from second story
Bro, this one is for you!
*The Zebra's main predator the lion only 'sees' in black and white and the stripes blend in with the surroundings, so making it hard to 'find' a Zebra! (I didn't know this!) See homeschooling isn't that bad after all! :)

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